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After an early career as a Personal Assistant, Carole returned to further education, studying for a BA in English Literature and a Masters in Victorian Studies. It was whilst working on her Masters Degree that Carole came across the work of Caroline Chisholm

Carole’s interest and research in Caroline Chisholm led to interests in 19th Century Britain and the women and fashions of the period.

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Madeline Green, 1938

Our Books

A Saviour of Living Cargoes: The Life and Work of Caroline Chisholm

This biography brings to life the story of a forgotten 19th-century philanthropist. Although extremely well known during her lifetime she has been forgotten by her fellow countrymen and women in the UK. She is still revered in Australia for her work in helping free settlers to the colony.
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A History and Guide to Collecting Ladies’ Antique Skirt Lifters

This book details a unique and wide collection of skirt lifters with numerous photographs. It is amazing to realise just how diverse one small gadget to raise ladies’ long skirts above the filth and muck of the roads and walkways could be.
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Reflections of an Artist, Madeline Green

This is the first book written on the life and work of this 20th Century modern artist. She trained at the Royal Academy from 1906 to 1911. Several art galleries in the UK and one in Australia, own a painting by Madeline Green. Her art was well received during her lifetime, and her profile has risen in recent times. When her art appears on the open market it sells well. She had a unique talent and the book contains images of nearly all of the known paintings in Madeline Green’s portfolio of work.
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