A Saviour of Living Cargoes: The Life and Work of Caroline Chisholm

Caroline Chisholm’s philanthropic work was of lasting benefit to British emigrants and colonies — to Australia in particular. In New South Wales, she found shelter and employment for female immigrants and pressed officials to adopt her schemes for settling families on the land. In London, she arranged free passages for emancipists’ wives and children and encouraged families to emigrate to Australia. In the Victorian goldfields, she provided accommodation for the needy traveller. Tireless and resourceful, she cared little for personal reward or position; and by her own endeavours and careful persuasion, she demonstrated her faith in people, the strength of womanhood, and the need to protect the vulnerable and help working people and their families. This biography casts new light on her life and achievements.

“when people saw what she was doing and had accomplished,  they fell in with her views and came forward to help her...”

Samuel Smiles, Self-Help

“Carole Walkers concise and satisfying new biography … serves us well,
and goes a long way in cementing Chisholm’s place in our history and casts a new and revealing light on her life”. 
Ross Fitzgerald, Australian Literary Review, 2.12.09

Just the type of objective analysis that Caroline herself would have welcomed. Excellent.

Don Chisholm, F.R.A.C.P, A.O. (descendent of Caroline).

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