About Dr Carole Walker

After an earlier career as a Personal Assistant and raising a family, Carole returned to further education, studying for a BA in English Literature at Loughborough University and a Masters Degree in Victorian Studies at Leicester University.  It was whilst working on her dissertation for her Masters Degree that Carole came across the work of Caroline Chisholm. She was so amazed by this extraordinary woman and could not understand why she no longer had a place in the annals of history. Carole successfully completed a Doctorate on Caroline’s life and work which in turn led to her book A Saviour of Living Cargoes.

Carole’s interest and research on Caroline Chisholm and her life in 19th century Britain led to an interest in the fashions and habits of the period.  This in turn led to Carole collecting skirt lifters at Antique Fairs, shops and emporiums. With a vast collection of nearly 200 items, and as there was a lack of up to date information on the subject, the book came to fruition.

Carole’s latest book is again as a result of an expanding collection of the work of Madeline Green by her and her husband, Peter, who is the artist’s great-nephew. Carole and Peter have helped organise the second exhibition of Madeline Green’s work in 2020 at Gunnersbury Park and Museum.

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